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2023-24 Open Positions

Listed below are the open positions for the SAGA Executive Board in the Fall of 2023. Please click the link HERE to apply! Applications close on 9/11. Interviews will be taking place on 9/11, 9/14, and 9/15. You will be informed of our decision by 9/18. Once you apply, you will be contacted via phone or email ( or to schedule your interview. Any questions please email!

Finance and Operations Coordinator

The Finance and Operations Coordinator will work with and learn from the Director of Finance and Operations. The FOC will take over for the DFO in the spring semester.



  • Making GA slides

  • Creation of interest/feedback forms

    • As well as interpreting the results

  • Booking rooms for SAGA and TSBC meetings

  • Managing email list

  • Manage website mailbox

  • Sending out messages in Groupme

  • Creation and implementation of raffles for games, tickets, etc.

  • Managing member tracking system

  • Other duties as assigned


Alumni & Outreach Coordinator


The Alumni & Outreach Coordinator will work with and learn from the Director of Professional Outreach.



  • Alumni outreach

  • Maintaining an accurate CRM of the SAGA EBoard alumni

  • Booking speakers for all events

  • Keeping up the CRM

  • Research for potential speakers for all events

  • Keeping up with the outreach email inbox

  • Creation and revision of email templates

  • Uploading speaker info (headshot, bio, company logo, etc.) to the drive

  • Filling out outreach meeting agenda

  • Development of questions for the confirmed speakers

  • Other duties as assigned


Events Coordinator


The Events Coordinator will be in their own department and will report to the President and VP. However, they will work closely with the outreach department in trying to schedule and facilitate events.



  • Managing internal calendar and ensuring that all information is accurate

  • Must be able to learn/use the 25Live Room Request system to book rooms in the student center

  • Scheduling all events for the SPO including AH, GAs, etc.

  • Planning and execution of various trips to sport workplaces

  • Planning and executing informal social events with members

  • Planning and executing SAGA Professional Development events such as a networking event, the SAGA Workshop series (Skills in Sports), etc.

  • TSBC Responsibilities as assigned

  • Other duties as assigned


Social Media Coordinator


The Social Media Coordinator Supports the Director of Brand Management in posting content on our social media pages as well as develops content to be posted on the pages (with the confirmation of the DBM).



  • Posting graphics on Instagram

  • Posting graphics on LinkedIn

  • Posting graphics on Twitter

  • Posting other social media content on our accounts (ex. City edition jersey reviews, reviewing members’ fantasy football teams, etc.)

  • Do collaborative posts with TSBC account

  • Post regularly on Instagram stories 


Graphic Designer


The Graphic Designers create the graphics to be posted on our social media pages. The use of photoshop is not required, but will help you to land this position. Applicants will be required to provide a small portfolio of their prior work.



  • Create graphics for our social media accounts (both the main SAGA account and the TSBC account)

  • Create “SAGA reacts” video graphics

  • Should be proficient in photoshop, at least Canva

  • Create graphics needed for SAGA’s corporate partnership deals

  • Create “Meet the EBoard” graphics

  • Creating outreach and sponsorship packages as needed

  • Create Instagram Story graphics

  • Making event publication materials and flyers


STARS/TSG Coordinator


The STARS/TSG Coordinator serves as the liaison between the organization and the Temple Student Government. They also will gain a good understanding of the Temple Student Org STARS program.



  • Work to make SAGA a 4 star organization and sustain that standing

  • Go to the necessary town halls in order to improve/maintain our STARS standing

  • Fill out monthly forms involving what was learned at every workshop 

  • Be a liaison to the Temple Student Government

  • Manage OwlConnect and ensure that it is up to date

  • Have a firm understanding of the STARS system and OwlConnect

  • Maintain connections with everyone in the organization by presenting new opportunities created by the TSG president and government

  • Continue to develop our relationship with the TSG representatives

  • Contact DFO monthly in order to express new financial opportunities and price changes created by TSG and the TSG President 

  • Attend Monthly meeting with all of STARS department of SAGA


General Associate


The General Associate role is for quality candidates that are interested in getting more involved with SAGA, but may not know exactly what they want to do at the time of the application. The GAs will work with all departments of SAGA that they are interested in. This process will help the prospective GA learn more about what they would like to do within the SAGA Executive Board. There is no guarantee that GAs will be brought on in the fall, but if there is an exemplary candidate, it will be hard to turn them down. 


Common positions that GAs move into after learning about the organization: Social Media Manager, Corporate Partnerships Account Executive, and Professional Outreach Coordinator. These are common positions they move into, but please do not think that this is what you are limited to as a GA. There will be an opportunity to move into the department of your choice as long as there is an opening. 

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