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2023-24 Open Positions

Listed below are the open positions for the SAGA Executive Board in the Spring of 2024. Please click the link HERE to apply! Applications close on 1/26. Interviews will be taking place on 1/29, 1/30, and 2/1. You will be informed of our decision by 2/4. Once you apply, you will be contacted via phone or email ( or to schedule your interview. Any questions please email!

Corporate Partnerships Account Executive

The Corporate Partnerships Account Executive will work with and learn from the Director of Corporate Partnerships. 



  • Secure a sponsor for SAGA GAs

  • Secure a sponsor for After Hours

  • Secure sponsors for TSBC

  • Virtual/In-Person meetings with potential sponsors

  • Research for potential sponsors

  • Keeping up with the CRM for potential sponsors

    • General CRM

    • TSBC CRM

  • Activate all sponsorship touch points

  • Maintaining communication with sponsors

  • Creation and revision of email templates

  • Ensuring that we are in compliance with our sponsorship contracts

  • Provide proof of fulfillment to sponsors

  • Attend one department meeting a week


STARS/TSG Coordinator


The STARS/TSG Coordinator serves as the liaison between the organization and the Temple Student Government. They also will gain a good understanding of the Temple Student Org STARS program.



  • Work to make SAGA a 4 star organization and sustain that standing

  • Go to the necessary town halls in order to improve/maintain our STARS standing

  • Fill out monthly forms involving what was learned at every workshop 

  • Be a liaison to the Temple Student Government

  • Manage OwlConnect and ensure that it is up to date

  • Have a firm understanding of the STARS system and OwlConnect

  • Maintain connections with everyone in the organization by presenting new opportunities created by the TSG president and government

  • Continue to develop our relationship with the TSG representatives

  • Contact DFO monthly in order to express new financial opportunities and price changes created by TSG and the TSG President 

  • Attend Monthly meeting with all of STARS department of SAGA


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