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2021 Temple Sport Business Conference


The 2021 Temple Sport Business Conference, held on April 7-9, 2021 was a successful event planned and organized by the Sport and Governance Association at Temple University. This virtual conference provided students and industry professionals the necessary tools and information to form connections, fortify experience, and be forward thinking. 

This conference featured excellent panels such as Athlete Branding, Women in Sports, Stadium Design, Pitching Analytics, Bubble Operations and Sports Betting. These conversations between professionals in those respective spaces in the sport industry provided more insight into the topics and the audience was able to ask their own questions. The Temple Sport Business Conference also featured keynote speakers Darren Heitner and Katrina Adams to headline the event. And finally, we provided students with an opportunity to network with some of the top organizations in the sport industry, during our Networking Hour. 

We can't wait to bring our annual Temple Sport Business Conference back in 2022 and continue to provide value to students looking to pursue a career in the sport industry. 


Katrina Adams

Former President, United States Tennis Association

Chair of US Open and International Tennis Association

Author, "Own The Arena"

Darren Heitner

Founder, HeitnerLegal

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