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What a weekend!

Updated: Jan 20

What a weekend!

Week 1 of the NFL season is officially in the books. While a long season is still ahead of us, many questions began to be answered and many questions began to arise.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought dysfunction was going to cause the Packers to maybe be average at best this year, but are they always going to look as bad as they did this past weekend? I think Aaron Rodgers definitely has better games ahead of him, but the defense most definitely needs to step up and not give up half as many points. My prediction is that the Saints probably won’t score 38 or more points more than two more times this year.

We heard the reports and saw video from training camp, but there still had to be doubt surrounding the Buccaneers as they returned from winning the Super Bowl. However, Tom Brady looked great last Thursday. Even though the Cowboys defense is not great, four touchdowns and almost 400 yards is impressive against anyone. If they could play the way that they did this past week, they will make it to the playoffs and make a deep run again.

It is only a matter of time before the Bears should bring in Justin Fields. Andy Dalton and the rest of the Bears put up an abysmal 14 points this weekend, with Dalton completing 27 attempts for only 206 yards. If the Bears cannot put up more points next weekend, and perhaps even win as well, I see Fields taking on a bigger role and potentially even starting.

Finally, the Eagles. First, the Atlanta Falcons are atrocious. There would have been huge concerns if the Falcons won that game. However, it was clear that the Eagles defensive line is going to live up to the name it has. Furthermore, Devonta Smith looked great and it was awesome to see him get his first couple catches and his first touchdown. However, I am not going to say this because I am a Cowboys fan, but I am still a Hurts doubter. Yes, the Eagles offense looked good, but the Falcons defense is a monstrosity and the Falcons offense is subpar at best, so anyone could carve the Falcons up. The Eagles have the 49ers coming up this weekend, a team with a better defense and what looked like a far better offense, putting up 41 points. I think this weekend will be an early test of what the Eagles are, so I am interested to see what happens.

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