There Shouldn't Be Any MLB Season Awards This Year

There shouldn't be any regular season awards handed out in the MLB this season. No MVP, no Rookie of the Year, no Cy Young, and so on. They are pointless to hand out after such a small sample size of a season.

60 games are too small of a sample size to do much analysis of in baseball. A 60-game stretch isn't nearly large enough to sort out the imposters from the contenders. Would Shane Bieber have continued to be so dominant for 102 more games? Would Mike Yastrzemski and Jose Abreu have generared more WAR than Mike Trout in a full season? Probably not, right? Just because some guys got off to hot starts and coasted to a good finish doesn't mean that we should reward them for that. If anything, that's what an All-Star nomination is for. It's not a full season and as such the regular awards shouldn't apply. A lot of the best players in baseball are based on the WAR leaderboards for this season, with Freddie Freeman, Trout, Rendon, Betts, etc. towards the top of the list, so it's not a completely random group of players. So, while 60 games are a good indicator of how good certain players are, but I would argue that an additional 102 games (a full season) would show who truly deserved to be MVP, whereas this shortened season did not. Who knows if Freddie Freeman would have continued to rake like did this year?

That's not to say that the playoffs or the championship shouldn't count, though. Arguably, these playoffs should count more than ever, because of the extra adversity that was added onto each team's playoff journey. More teams made the playoffs this year than ever to account for the short season. The champion will have had to battle through a best-of-3 series designed to maximize chaos, plus the usual playoff series, with the added bonus of no days off in between games. Any postseason awards - NLCS MVP, postseason MVP, and so on - are also legitimate in my eyes, but regular season awards are not legitimate simply because their sample size is smaller than usual.

The underlying metrics (hard hit rate, barrel percentage, etc. ) show that Bieber and Freeman's start were legit and not luck-based, but who knows if Randy Arozarena - Rays postseason hero - woudl have emerged during a long regular season and started hitting like Ted Williams to win the MVP or if Trout would've locked up yet another recognition of his greatness. The point is that the short season didn't do enough shaking out of the best players from the rest of the pack.

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