Temple should consider moving to the CAA

Temple should consider moving to the CAA

By Vincent DiGeronimo

After falling to Boston College, Temple football has now moved to 1-2 on the year. Their one win came against an abysmal Akron Zips team, who is currently winless on the season. In the grand scheme of Temple football, their season is not looking great this year and they will probably finish with a similar record as last year, with absolutely no signs of looking up. I think it is time to face the facts: the Temple Owls should become an FCS football team.

This is in no way, shape or form against any of the players, coaches, or staff. However, the numbers speak for themselves: they are just not doing good. After further examination, I think the best course of action is simple, which is moving to the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA). The CAA is currently made up of 12 teams, stretching up and down the east coast from Elon to New Hampshire. There is a good mix of talent, but most notably, the JMU Dukes are in the CAA, who happen to be one of the best teams in the FCS.

Overall, there are several reasons that Temple should move to the FCS. As previously stated, they are not going to be able to compete in the American conference, and have many long years ahead of them if they were to stay. Furthermore, any of the teams that Temple has history with are all in conferences in which the Owls cannot compete in if you consider the long term effects. Furthermore, a move to the FCS would cut money and allow for Temple to increase their spending for basketball. This would be a move most comparable to UConn, who also delegated their program to the FCS in order to increase the amount of spending used for basketball. If Temple were to do something like this, the effects would play out better for the University in the long run.

Even though football would be in a less competitive division, this would allow for the basketball program to go out and recruit from one of the basketball epicenters of the country. The idea of “staying home” would cause some of the better players to buy into the program here, and potentially increase the number of wins. Since football would be in a less competitive division, this would lead to better games and potentially more wins, which would attract more fans and create a better atmosphere overall.

No matter the circumstances, Temple certainly needs to make a change. Their football team should no longer be in the American Conference, and there are plenty of other opportunities that they could take advantage of in the future.

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