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Playoff Baseball Predictions

Updated: Jan 20

Playoff Baseball

By Vincent Digeronimo

The best part of the year is back. Other than the Yankees, who looked horrendous last night, here is my prediction for how the rest of the playoffs will go.

LAD>STL in the NL Wild Card

Rays>Red Sox in ALDS 1

Astros>White Sox in ALDS 2

Brewers>Braves in NLDS 1

Giants>Dodgers in NLDS 2

Astros>Rays in ALCS

Giants>Brewers in NLCS

Giants>Astros in the World Series

When it comes down to it, I think that the Giants will win the World Series. They had the best record in the league for a reason and I think they collectively will be able to win the World Series.

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