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NFL Preview

Updated: Jan 20

NFL Preview

By Vincent DiGeronimo

The NFL is finally here. Eighteen weeks of pure euphoria as one of the best sports in America begins their season. After further research, I have made predictions for every division in the NFL.

AFC East:

1- Bills

2- Dolphins

3- Patriots

4- Jets

AFC North

1- Ravens

2- Browns

3- Steelers

4- Bengals

AFC South

1- Colts

2- Titans

3- Jaguars

4- Texans

AFC West

1- Chiefs

2- Chargers

3- Raiders

4- Broncos

NFC East

1- Cowboys

2- WFT

3- Eagles

4- Giants

NFC North

1- Vikings

2- Lions

3- Packers

4- Bears

NFC South

1- Buccaneers

2- Panthers

3- Saints

4- Falcons

NFC West

1- LA Rams

2- Cardinals

3- Seahawks

4- 49ers

*P.S. The Yankees are 1-4 since my last editorial

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