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My Thoughts on the Super Bowl

Updated: Jan 20

Yesterday was the first Sunday in February and Tom Brady was playing again. No surprise there, but here are my thoughts on the rest of the Super Bowl:

Not much in terms of pregame, I love Eric Church as a singer and I thought Jazmine Sullivan was a nice addition to the national anthem. Also, if you look at recent coin tosses, heads was quite the surprise.

As for the game itself, it was all Bucs. I do not need to go into a lot of depth about the game. It was very clear that the Buccaneers did their homework. They went in with a clear and concise game plan on how to beat the Chiefs and they considered every possible situation that could have happened and they referred a lot back to the game between the two in the regular season.

Tom and the rest of the Bucs offense went in with a clear plan on what they should do and executed it perfectly. The Chiefs, on the other hand, seemed as if they tried to execute the exact same game plan as they did last time. You can’t do that, especially when you have already played that team prior in the season. The score accurately reflected the ability of the two teams and their coaching staffs.

I am perfectly fine with the score of the game. Tampa Bay dominated Kansas City. However, a lot of people, especially the ridiculous talking heads on ESPN and other TV networks, have given Patrick Mahomes a lot of criticism, which was completely unnecessary. He lost to the greatest quarterback of all time, on a night where a fully healthy team beat a partially injured team. This is also the first time he has ever lost by more than two possessions to anyone. He has also been in the Super Bowl two years in a row, and has a very good chance of being in the Super Bowl next year. All of this is being done while he has been in the league for less than five years. I think people need to seriously stop bashing Patrick Mahomes. He is one of the top quarterbacks and he is still very young and going at an astronomical pace. I think that the Chiefs will make the Super Bowl next year, and the people making ridiculous comments will once again be on his side.

Just a side note, what a night for Temple football! So many different coaches and players represented Temple and the grittiness and determination of being an Owl.

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