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Globe Life Field

Updated: Jan 20

Globe Life Field

By Vincent DiGeronimo

As you saw on the news, Globe Life Field, the home of the Texas Rangers, is allowing the stadium to be at full capacity. Amidst all of the criticism against it, the Rangers still pushed forward with it and managed to sell out, getting to 96% capacity.

There are tons of different sides to this story. It is so risky and it is obvious why other teams have not tried it beforehand. Opening to maximum capacity at the current moment goes against everything that the US has done to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is a massive amount of people coming together from many different places. The amount of people at risk is unknown at the moment, but we will see very soon.

However, let’s be real. At best, the Rangers are a .500 team. They don’t really have any stars, they won’t do very good this season, and they certainly won’t even be in the running for a wild card.

Opening to full capacity is purely a marketing stunt. I think it is very safe to say that if things were normal, the Rangers would certainly not be getting to 96% capacity. It was a perfect marketing stunt in the most anti-mask state in the country, where rebellion drove people to the game.

I am not condoning opening to full capacity, but I completely understand why they would do so. The Rangers, in order to make some money, came up with a bold, revolutionary plan that played perfectly into their market. I think it was genius and I give major props to the organization, because they are the first team to try having a full capacity stadium, because if it works out, they will be way ahead of everyone else, and if it doesn’t work out, they have given teams a pathway to reopening. Also, as I stated before, Texans have become notorious for being against a lot of current CDC guidelines. I am truly interested in seeing where this goes because I think that other teams will try to follow if it works out, and I think the Rangers were very bold in being the first team to open to full capacity.

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