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Analysis of the Green Bay Packers

Joa's Journal

By Joa Maciel

Let’s talk about the Green Bay Packers.

Let’s talk about the Green Bay Packers because I feel like every year they are expected to at least sniff the Super Bowl and in many of the recent years, the Packers were among the favorites to win the Super Bowl but it’s 2022, Aaron Rodgers is 38 years old and only has one Super Bowl ring which was the only Super Bowl the franchise has won since the start of the new millennium. I think we tend to let’s say “overhype” and sugarcoat this franchise a lot, the Packers have been among the favorites to win the Super Bowl pretty much every year over the last decade (ever since their Super Bowl run in 2011) but yet only made the Super Bowl once in that entire period. All throughout this time, people have been making excuses for the Packers “oh Aaron Rodgers needs more help” really? Because last time that I checked Aaron Rodgers played with DeVonta Adams, Jaire Alexander, Zadarius Smith, Randall Cobb in his pro bowl year, Jordy Nelson at his pro bowl year and Aaron Jones to name a few, that’s some pretty good company right there. The thing about the Packers is they always had the team to win, they also had the pieces to play in the Super Bowl year by year but always lose due to some silly mistake, they always choke let’s take 2021 for example the Packers could’ve gone for the touchdown to win the game and advance to the Super Bowl but Matt LaFleur calls a timeout and decides that the team needs to kick a field goal handing the NFC title to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Let’s also talk about 2015 in also in the conference championship game, The Packers faced the defending Super Bowl champions in the Seattle Seahawks and the Seahawks completed one of the greatest comebacks that never gets mentioned. Trailing the Packers all game, the Seahawks managed to make a run at the fourth quarter and beat the Packers in overtime (The Packers were leading 19-7 until the final 3 minutes of the fourth quarter). The Packers also chocked a fourth quarter in the 2015 divisional round against the Arizona Cardinals which bounced them out of the playoffs. The thing with the Packers is that history keeps repeating itself, they keep choking I know it’s not on Rodgers but it is also not 100% on the coaching because Green Bay had plenty of coaches during this 11-year span. I don’t know what it is but something is in the water in Green Bay and it isn’t good.

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