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6 Players who can Break out During the World Cup

Joa's Journal By Joa Maciel

Cody Gakpo (Netherlands): One of the best players you never heard of, Cody Gakpo is one of the best left-wingers for the Netherlands and he has been absolutely killing it for PSV Eindhoven this year scoring 9 goals and 12 assists in 14 Dutch league matches and 3 goals and 2 assists in 5 Europa League matches. Just doing whatever he can to make Eindhoven win. Gakpo is only 23 years old and just entering the prime of his career he will look to take the opportunity and become a household name after the World Cup and secure a big payday.

Antony (Brazil): Antony is a little more well-known than Gakpo as he is emerging on a global scale right now after joining Manchester United. But I personally think that at this World Cup he is going to take his game to a higher level. Brazil has two clear-cut stars and (some may even say superstars) at their frontline with Vinicius Jr and Neymar Jr, everybody knows that. Those guys are going to get the most amount of pressure out of anyone in Brazil. Which leaves Raphinha or Antony open, Raphinha might get most of the starts due to his relationship with Manager Tite but Antony has been playing really well for United and will take advantage of his reps. Also, his new article in the Player’s tribune is a great read.

Kai Havertz (Germany): Now Havertz is more well known than both Gakpo and Antony after all he decided the 2021 UEFA Champions League final with a beautiful goal. That’s why I think he will flourish, he is not having the best season with Chelsea but he is one of the clutches players in the entire sport scoring the game-winners for both the Champions League and the Club World Cup final and I believe that down the stretch Germany is gonna go to the man who is never too small for any moment.

Giovanni Reyna (US): Had to put an American on this list. The whole world is watching the US because of one player and that player is Hershey, PA’s own Christian Pulisic but they are forgetting that the US also has another lethal weapon by the name of Giovanni Reyna who plays for Borússia Dortmund. Pulisic will likely draw doubles or aggressive coverages to him at times and when he suffers pressure who is going to be there to finish plays? Giovanni Reyna, I think this World Cup could be a huge step up for his career.

Ousmane Dembele (France): Now Dembele is already a household name, after all, he starts for one of the biggest clubs in the world in FC Barcelona. However, France has a crazy front line with Kylian Mbappe, Ballon D’or winner Karim Benzema and Olivier Giroud which leaves Ousmane Dembele, one of the fastest players in the planet with much less pressure which means he can create a whole lot of opportunities for himself.

Jude Bellingham (England): Jude Bellingham is just now entering the prime of his career which is insane considering he is the heart and soul of Borussia Dortmund and the runner-up for the Kopa Trophy which is the award given to the best player in the world under 21 years old. Gavi from Spain and FC Barcelona won it but I felt that Jude Bellingham deserved more. Jude Bellingham is also due for a massive payday so he is not only playing for his country but he is also playing for his money. I guarantee that in the games England do win they will be singing Hey Jude for him.

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